Tell Your Story Now

Posted by on Sep 8, 2014 in Featured | 0 comments

Once upon a time there was a young couple who moved into their first home… an apartment, just 800 sq. ft., but it was theirs. With borrowed furnishings and accessories, they moved in and settled in. Knowing this was just their first step in life’s journey of places in which they would live, they put up a few family photos, but not everything. They wouldn’t be here forever.

As time went on, they decided to buy a little fixer-upper. They bought some things they liked, donated other items they no longer needed or wanted and made the move. Though it was a bigger place, they still left some things in storage… the hope chest inherited from grandma, the cool baseball memorabilia from dad, the two floor lamps that they bought for their first apartment that they simply couldn’t part with (they were the first item they bought together)… So, they settled in again. The rooms still didn’t “feel” quite right, but that was ok, they wouldn’t be here forever.

And then they decided to start a family. They were going to need more space, so they found a bigger house with more rooms… They moved the stuff from storage into one of their new garages, kept the walls painted ecru since they weren’t sure what color they should use and moved in the furniture from the previous house… it was a great house, and they settled in, but they still weren’t sure it was their “forever” home.

Years later, kids grown and left the house, they decided to downsize. They moved back into a smaller space in a nice little condo community. They had new furniture now, they had lots of new belongings now, they had really developed a decor style. Still, they weren’t sure… was this their “forever” home?

Your home tells your story.  Don’t keep grandma’s hope chest in storage because you don’t think it will fit into your space or into your style. And don’t wait to tell that story until you find your “forever” home… from the first apartment to the little condo, make the most of your living spaces and enjoy your home!

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