Room and Color Refinement™

You’ve been living in your home for awhile and just as you would not wear the same outfit every day, you are seeking a new way to express yourself in a single room, or throughout your house.  You have no idea where to begin –you just know you want a change.   This may be accomplished through simply changing the paint color of the room, adding lighting or accessories and rearranging your existing furniture.


At Élan Redesign we will personally consult with you to determine your goals and provide you with an analysis of the room (or rooms) you are seeking to improve.  We recognize that the art of living is a personal journey and we will design a plan that constructs a vision that makes your home a more tangible representation of you.  We take your furniture, lighting and accessories and add something that makes it more comfortable, unique, and interesting.  You will receive a written design plan.  Together we will collaborate to make your room or home look warm and inviting.


One of the fastest, most affordable ways to change a room is by painting.  Selecting the right color and finish to enhance the best of everything in the room is most important.  Color is the one element that impacts everything.  Élan Redesign will consult with you and make recommendations for the color or colors that will bring out the best in your room.


Large pieces are not always necessary for a big room; and likewise, if a room is small it doesn’t necessarily mean diminutive pieces are appropriate.  Placement and the relationship one object has to another and fabrication are the components that matter.


Often clients cannot express what it is when something does not “feel right” about their living spaces.  Frequently this is the result of awkward furniture placement, clutter, artwork that doesn’t go with the room.  Élan Redesign will help identify these areas and make recommendations to help you achieve your room’s balance.