Love Your Stuff but Not the Space?

Posted by on Sep 8, 2014 in Featured | 0 comments

Have you ever walked into a room that just didn’t feel quite right or maybe there is a room in your own house that you like, but don’t “love” or spend a lot of time there? You love your stuff, but not the space.

Statistics show that people use less than 50% of their homes… why? Because the function is missing.

So, how do you make it “functional” again? How do you make it be a space in your home that you enjoy and want to use and spend time there? You refine the room! “Oh no!,” you think, “I have to redo it? I have to hire an interior designer, buy new furniture and accessories and be displaced for who knows how long and costing thousands of dollars?” No, not redo it… REFINE IT! In one day. At an affordable flat-rate.

At Élan Redesign, we understand that there was a reason you purchased that couch and those chairs. There is a reason you have an eclectic collection of frames and accessories. And we also understand that you just simply may not know what to do with it…  how to arrange it to make you love the space as much as you love your stuff.

With our One-day Room Refinement™, we’ll rearrange furniture, maybe bring in pieces from other rooms, provide advice on possible new purchases as time and budget allows, educate you on window and wall treatments and give you your space back in just a few hours. You’ll know up front what the cost is per room. You choose one or multiple rooms, we plan and we get it done. And here is one of the best parts… since we use what you already own, the refinement is a reflection of YOU, not a designer. It’s your stuff. It’s your space. We just make it functional, comfortable and enjoyable.

So how about it? Are you ready to refine a room or three? Contact us today… We look forward to working with you!