Blending Decorating Styles

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Clients tell me all the time they do not have a decorating style.  They just buy what they like, but when I go into a home I can usually pick out someone’s style within a few minutes.   That doesn’t mean that every single piece of furniture or accessory fits a particular category.  It means that most people tend to gravitate towards a particular style. In today’s world with blended families and the need to be conscious about our environment, we end up with items that just don’t seem to connect.  That’s okay.  The attitude about what is correct no longer applies and as long as your furnishings are harmoniously blended, your home will look great. Here are some tips for blending different styles:

Function is always first – always! If the room does not function for you, you won’t be happy no matter how beautiful it is. Decide first how you will use the room.

Evaluate what you own and select your dominant style. If you do not know what your dominant style is, look in your closet. Most people love decorating in the same way they dress. Do you dress in traditional tailored clothing or are you a casual jeans person? Your dominant style should be at least 60% of the space.

Try to mix only two styles in a room, but if you mix three, the third should not make up more than 10-20% of the space.

Look for items that will tie the room together like repeated colors, shapes, metals and patterns. The designers at Design Alliance in Vista redecorated the reception area pictured below using cohesive elements:  Gold Metal (sunburst mirror, lamp and accent table); Color (pillows, flowers and wall grouping); Shapes (square and rectangular pillows and wall grouping).

Design Alliance

Edit “filler” pieces that you do not like and serve no purpose. If an item does not make you feel happy, donate it. Donating your grandmother’s chair does not mean you hate your grandmother, it means the item does not work for your home.

Every person has a style.  What you love is “your style.”  Don’t be afraid to own it.

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